Our Story

Simple Pleasures.

We believe that every home, and every family, should have the simple, timeless pleasure of baked goods fresh from the oven any day of the week – even when baking from scratch is not an option. So we created a family of baking mixes for home cooks that gives you the homemade experience and the same delicious flavors and textures – without all the extra time and effort.

Simple Beginnings

Building a Better Baking Experience, Brand by Brand.

Custom Bakehouse started in California in 1994 with the idea to take everything we loved about fresh-baked muffins, scones, brownies, cookies and other delights – and remove what we didn’t. The heavenly flavor, fluffy, gooey texture, and all-around good, homey, fresh-from-the-oven experience were essential. These are the sensations that inspire us.

What needed to change was the time and hassle of baking from the scratch. We wanted people to be able to make and enjoy scrumptious baked goods anytime, no matter how busy they are. So we decided to focus on remixing the conventional baking mix. Then a new question arose: How could we make our mixes better? We went back to our starting point: what we love and what we don’t. Baking mixes solve the problem of baking from scratch. But they usually get there by compromising, and the results simply aren’t the same. We questioned whether the convenience of baking mixes has to come with tradeoffs – and decided it definitely does not!

We discovered we were not alone in our thinking. Over the years, we have partnered with likeminded people who share our passion for baked goods, our need for convenience, and our rejection of compromise. We have been selective, welcoming only those who share our commitment to quality.

The result is what Custom Bakehouse offers today: a family of premium baking mix brands, each with its own unique spin on our pledge to make homemade easy with high-quality clean ingredients, creative flavors, and “just add water” convenience – and each has something special to discover.



(Where Good Tastes Great!)

We are committed to using high-quality, better-for-you ingredients, carefully sourced and creatively crafted to provide an indulgent experience that you can feel good about.

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