Summer Fun!

The long, warm days of summer deliver fun, family and food in abundance.
Whether your hitting the trails, spending the day at the lake, or
entertaining friends with a backyard BBQ, you'll need a few seasonal
favorites to fit the occasion. We have had great success with these yummy
twists on classic favorites, here are 5 of our faves! (We couldn't stop at we gave you 6!)

1. S'mores Scones: This favorite flavor is a nostalgic summer treat or yummy

2. Corn Bread and BBQ: These two go hand-in-hand. Try our skillet corn bread
for your next BBQ and throw in jalapenos if you want to heat things up!

3. Holiday Scone Decorating: Get everyone involved and be creative as you
prepare for Fourth of July festivities.

4. No-Bake Bar Energy Balls: The recipe is right on the package. Add your
favorites - coconut, chocolate, whatever you like - and take the
nutrition-packed treats that travel!

5. Blueberry Cobbler: Meeting the family on a Sunday afternoon? Looking for
a brunch crowd pleaser? Visiting a friend? This traditional favorite is made
simple with Sticky Fingers.

6. Brownie Sundaes: Ice cream is always welcome, take it to the next level
with build your own brownie sundaes using Shine (protein-packed) brownies,
your favorite Organic ice cream and the toppings they love.